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My Roots

The Ancient Medical School of Salerno.

I come from Salerno, the main city (county town) between the marvellous Amalfi Coast and the pristine Cilento Coast which overlook the Gulf of Salerno in South-Western Italy.

My hometown has been deeply influenced my personal and professional background through its characteristic location, history, customs and vibes.

It had been the base for the most important source of medical knowledge in Western Europe during the 9th-13th centuries...

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Cosmetic Science Expertice

The First Cosmetic Treatise of the History. A Female point of view.

De Ornatu Mulierum (About Women’s Cosmetics) by Trotula De Ruggiero is the first cosmetic treatise of the History. It was written by the woman physician of Salerno in the 11th century.

This work is passed on in a collection of several manuscripts attributed to the women physicians of Salerno and it is a treatise that teaches women to conserve and improve their beauty and treat skin diseases through a series of precepts, advices and natural remedies. During the exposition the author...

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Curriculum Vitae et Studiorum

Who I am.

PharmD, Pharmacist since 2005, MRPharmS, Pharmacy Manager and Cosmetic Science and Technology Expert...

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Diet and weight loss expertice

TisanoDiet: Herbal Extract Supplement for weight loss.

From Italy a revolutionary weight loss method based on recent scientific research and ancient herbal traditions.

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Academic Experience

My academic works.

History, Seminars, Scientific Publications, Volunteers and Honors...

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