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TisanoDiet: Herbal Extract Supplement for weight loss. Tips & Tricks


Edited by Paolo Cavallo

Paolo Cavallo e Gianluca Mech


The aim of this guide is not to promote do-it-yourself diets neither making a partisan adulation of the TisanoDiet Program.

Whoever wants or need to lose weight has to talk with his physician and to make the appropriate medical tests before taking any type of weight loss diet.

Here will be shown some tips and tricks (coming out from experience "on the field" monitoring hundreds of people following the  Tisanodiet program) designed for optimizing the results.

Its tone is basic and popular, but if you need any in-depth technical or scientific clarification, you can contact the e-mail address pharmacist@paolocavallo.com.




1- Who can follow this kind of diet


All subjects with a normal medical case (blood count, blood glucose, blood urea nitrogen, uric acid, creatinine, total cholesterol, triglycerides, total bilirubin, AST, GGT, Na, K, Ca, Cl, Mg), can easily follow the TisanoDiet Program. On the contrary, who has serious diseases or dysfunctions in liver and kidneys, pregnant or breastfeeding women, insulin-dependent diabetics, who suffer from heart problems and who has psychological imbalance, and children in the age development cannot follow the TisanoDiet Program!




2- Principles


The TisanoDiet program works on two hands: the first one  is the ketogenesis, while the second one is the drainage. Ketogenesis is a body response to the absence of primary energy sources: when you don't introduce carbohydrates in the diet, the body begins to break down fats in order to produce the energy that is necessary for its activities. Drainage is the mechanism of dehydration (excess fluids) and purification (from metabolic waste). Speed and results of this diet program are quite subjective, it changes according to sex, constitution, habits, hormonal and humoral conditions, diseases, etc..Ketogenesis and drainage usually get on differently (eg. you lose more or less liquid than fats). In order to balance their performaces, periodically, we have to measure the percentage of fat and liquids in the body mass. In fact fats have a specific gravity much lower and it can ponder with adequate reliability with a bio-impedentiometric analisys, while liquids have got a much higher specific gravity and their loss (also evaluated with bio-impedentiometric analysis) could "disguise" dehydration making it look slimming. It is necessary, therefore, the need to closely monitor these parameters in order to assess the effectiveness and the success of the TisanoDiet. The discussion will therefore not how many pounds, but how much fat and liquids were lost. This is just the first fundamental difference between TisanoDiet  and all the other classic low-calorie diets. In fact, we no longer talk about indiscriminate loss of weight (which includes muscle mass), but the targeted fat and fluids loss. That way it is therefore necessary, even more than before, a TisanoDiet customized program, depending on the results obtained, from time to time. Only that way we can get the preservation of muscle tissue and it is also avoided the '"yo-yo dieting" mainly originates from the loss of these tissues.




3- The TisanoDiet pathway


The program is divided in three phases: a first attack dose, an intensive phase, and a final stabilizing phase. A triphasic minimum cycle lasts 18 days (3 attack phase days; 7 intensive phase days; 8 stabilizing phase days), while the maximum that can be extended, in order to don't stress the body is up to 48 days (3 attack phase days; 21 intensive phase days, 24 stabilizing phase days). This duration changes according to the percentage of body fat to remove, and even if  the optimum value of body fat has not been reached, you still need to finish the diet on the 48th day, and then you must make an adequate course of "maintenance" and, if necessary, after repeat the Tisanodiet program to further refine the fat mass.

The Attack Phase, also known as "3 Days Start", is the harder phase of the whole diet period, before the ketogenesis starts. This phase gives a strong shock to the metabolism, it causes a massive loss of excess fluids and the the pancreas starts to rest.

The intensive phase is the highlight of the TisanoDiet. It safeguards and feeds ketogenesis to obtain an important loss of fat and, on the other hand, controls and stabilizes the muscle tone.

The stabilization phase establishes and refines the results obtained and, little by little, it lets re-familiarizes the body with carbohydrates.




4- TisanoDiet elements and food


In order to safeguard the progress of ketogenesis, during every phases of this program, all carbohydrates and foods containing their tracks (pasta, bread, fruit, vegetables, milk, dairy products, many sweeteners, candy and chewing also if they are "sugar-free") are banned. Instead during every lunch and dinner you have to eat just protein (defatted meat, fish, or eggs) and green vegetables associated with PATs (Tisanodiet Prepared) and decoctions distributed during all the day-long. PATs are foods with a high protein content, pre-dosed and standardized, a very high degree of digestibility (about 94%, which reduces stress to kidney and liver). They contain the "TisanoDiet Activator" (a blend of plant extracts that improves bioavailability of amino acids in PATs). There are about 40 PAT flavors, including soups, omelets, pasta, milk shakes, drinks, creams, cereals, bars, cookies, etc.. in order to do not whip the taste and satisfy all the preferences during the whole duration of the diet. Instead the decoctions support the treatment, modulate specific individual problems (they can regulate body functions and mitigate old diets classic problems), and assist the action of the preparations (aiding assimilation and nutritive capacity). They also do not contain alcohol, sugar and preservatives, but are the result of free of contaminants and solvents sophisticated extraction techniques that lead to to a product of excellent quality and authenticity. 




5- Statistics, customization, results and interpretations


Men who follows this program loses about double fat than women, because the second ones, constitutionally, are about 10% more fat mass than the first ones and they are also very influenced by water retention and by hormonal phases . In other words, men can lose an average of 3-4% of body fat a week, while women no more than 2/2, 5%. In analyzing the data on the progress of weight loss, however, you should always consider that the body fluids have a density much bigger than the fat one. In other words, losing a lot of weight which is mainly due to dehydration is simple but it is also "smoke and mirrors". Instead, losing mostly fat, without affecting the loss and/or functionality of other tissues indiscriminately, is the goal of the TisanoDiet program and any other modern diet.

During the three-day "Attack Phase", ketogenesis has not yet started, as it requires the exhaustion of the reserves of sugar, so there is usually the only loss of excess fluid that would also point to considerable loss pounds (2 to 4/5kg), but it is only a preliminary stage and of little value, even if it is very moral looking at the scale! Fluid loss below average should raise the suspicion of the subject or some error in following the protocol (eg. the "flagon" is not completely drunk and/or its administration is not homogeneous during the day), or water retention problems (eg, menstruation, colds, allergies), or doses and/or mix of decoctions inadequate drainage to the subject. In such cases, therefore, should be monitored for good habits of the subject (eg. requiring food diary) and/or rearranged doses and / or combinations of decoctions.

Subsequently, during the intensive phase, there is already a loss of a lot of excess fluids (as described just previously) the weight loss is often less big, but the reaction that is occurring is the most important of the diet: the ketogenesis. This is a reaction that must be safeguarded and promoted carefully, avoiding carbohydrates and providing proteins, in order to lose fat mass that can be seen by the narrowing of the circles than on the scale. At this point screening impedentiometric values ​​and ketonuria (formation of ketones) is even more important .
In fact, even if you continue to lose weight, but fat mass does not decrease, it would mean that degradation of ketogenesis does not go on. In order to verify it, you have to make a ketur-test and check the presence or absence of ketones (products of fat catabolism). If there were ketones in the urine, then it would mean that ketogenesis is a bit '"slow" but you still get the same (though less markedly) the desired results. On the other hand, the complete absence of ketones, or mean that the subject is wrong to follow the program (eg, he is not eating all PATs, and/or he misses a few meals, he introduces some source of carbohydrate, etc.. .). In this case, they must be monitored for good habits of the subject (eg.: requesting the food diary) and possibly make him start again the attack phase.
On the contrary, if he does not lose weight, but the impedentiometric analysis and ketonuria show a fat mass loss, this would mean that the ketogenesis is progressing well, even if you are experiencing a bit of water retention, which is the lesser of two evils and can be easily fixed by rearranging the doses and/or combinations of decoctions.

In the last phase of the TisanoDiet program, the stabilization, little by little, we start to introduce carbs (although those with a lower glycemic index and small doses), but, as a sort of "physiological inertia" the loss of fat mass still goes on.

Very often it also happens that during the following maintenance phase, taken proper precautions, although slower and less marked, fat loss and a kind of rejection of the organism against blowouts go on.




6- From the practice to the theory....


Here is a didactic section dedicated to the collection of all official documents (source website http://www.tisanodiet.com) Diet Tisanoreica divided by topic:


N.B.: All information contained in these documents, refer to "menu type" of a hypothetical individual "standard" reference and, therefore, should be considered as mere general guidelines for proper nutrition.





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Edited by Paolo Cavallo

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