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First Edition

Meeting with the Graduates of the University of Salerno


Academic Senate Room, Fisciano (SA), Italy

18th June 2019

"UniSAlumni" is a programme of the University of Salerno with the aim of developing, keeping alive and strengthening a sense of belonging to this University, promoting networking and initiatives for sharing experiences, knowledge and new opportunities for the former students  - "Alumni" - of the University of Salerno.


This University produce more than 5,000 graduates per years and supply a lot of people with training and scientific research opportunities.


The "Alumni" represent a fantastic resource for the future of the University with their knowledge, skills, experiences and professional targets achieved as a proof of priceless cultural heritage of this University.


The University of Salerno, handing down their graduates stories, want to highlight who working passionately hard has succeeded. Everyone's experience is vital nourishment for the community, enrich students', graduates' and PhD's knowledge network... it gives high renown to the history of the University.


The Vice President of the Italian House of Lords - On. Mara Carfagna - graduate in Law at the University of Salerno in 2003, has participated in the first edition of the meeting with the Graduates of the University of Salerno, talking of her experience as student along with some of the 52 graduates - and Paolo Cavallo was one of them - chosen by the 17 Departments of the University of Salerno.

During the ceremony a book - "UniSAlumni" - telling the professional stories of the 52 graduates has been officially presented to the public and handed out to the protagonists of this event - and Paolo Cavallo was one of them - by the "Magnifico" Dean.


UniSAlumni | First Edition | Meeting with the Graduates of the University of Salerno


Watch the video of the event here -> video

Download an excerpt of the book "UniSAlumni" here -> book


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