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As a Pharmacist Support Ambassador I would like to tell you a little about this organisation and the work it does to support those in the profession through times of difficulty.




Pharmacist Support

Established by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain (RPSGB) in 1841, Pharmacist Support is an independent charity working for pharmacists and their families, former pharmacists and pharmacy students to provide help and support in times of need.

Their support services include a variety of programmes developed in consultation with pharmacists to offer a helping hand to colleagues who find themselves confronted by difficult circumstances, for whatever reason.


In 2006, however, an independent Board of Trustees were recruited to govern the organisation independently.


In 2008, following extensive market research involving pharmacists from all sectors of the profession, the trustees embarked on an ambitious project to re-launch the Fund. This included activities to raise the charity’s profile and develop a range of services identified as more in tune with the needs of pharmacists in the 21st century. The first tangible demonstration of this commitment to respond to needs was to rename the Benevolent Fund, Pharmacist Support reflecting the increasing level of pastoral care the charity was called upon to provide.


Today, the charity is providing more support through our new and enhanced service offering, with enquiries to the charity more than doubling since the re-launch.






The charity's mission is:


‘To provide financial assistance and pastoral support to pharmacists and their families, former pharmacists and pharmacy students’

To relieve poverty and financial hardship for pharmacists, former pharmacists and their families and students of pharmacy, and to provide effective support and information to promote a positive existence.



The charity’s objectives are:

  • to be recognised as the primary resource for all pharmacists and/or their dependants in times of need

  • to engage with pharmacists to identify and pilot new services

  • to establish a collaborative relationship with other organisations in order to identify options for support services

  • to increase awareness by all stakeholders of Pharmacist Support as the leading independent provider of confidential support services

  • to raise funds from the pharmacy profession to facilitate the range of services provided for clients in need.


The charity’s internal focus is on:

  • managing our finances responsibly and deploying our resources in order to maximise the social value delivered

  • ensuring we have an effective infrastructure in place to manage and resource our service provision

  • developing and improving our functions by the application of recognised standards

  • delivering robust systems of monitoring for all aspects of performance and management.



Events and Challenges

Whether it is a ‘Bake Sale‘ or ‘Come Dine with Me’ themed dinner with friends, the list of ways to fundraise are endless. Get sponsored to get fit, grow a moustache or shave your head; the only limit is your imagination. And once you’ve set your mind to it, you can achieve something really amazing! Check out the Pharmacy Support Fundraising A – Z and get some inspiration.

            Take a look at the Pharmacist Support #Fundraising Hero Power Pack for lots of ideas and downloadable resources, or you can get in touch with Emma Peate on 0161 4410317 or email





Take a look at some of the most recent local event that I have organised for Pharmacy Support:




Enquiry Line: 0808 168 2233

Listening Friends: 0808 168 5133

Health Support Programme: 0808 168 5132



Facebook: /PharmacistSupport

Twitter: @PharmaSupport

Instagram: pharmacistsupport

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